INFERring the molecular mechanisms of NOncoding genetic variants


04/19/2021: 1000 Genomes phase 3 data (5 super-populations) is now used

12/17/2020: INFERNO pipeline paper has been published Using INFERNO to Infer the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Noncoding Genetic Associations

06/15/2020: Apache Spark-based INFERNO (SparkINFERNO) paper has been published SparkINFERNO: a scalable high-throughput pipeline for inferring molecular mechanisms of non-coding genetic variants

08/29/2018: INFERNO has been highlighted in GenomeWeb!

08/27/2018: Our preprint applying INFERNO to Alzheimer's Disease data is now available!

08/03/2018: INFERNO has been published in Nucleic Acids Research!

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INFERNO analysis typically takes around 15 minutes. but may take up to a few hours given large inputs! Please refer to this benchmarking plot to get a rough estimate of how long your input might take. If you close your browser before that, you can access your results once they're done at if you replace ID with the identifier for your run.
Or, view processed plot outputs for the default GWASs: